Our Story

Estron Marketing Pte Ltd

Established in 2001, Estron Marketing Pte Ltd positioned itself as a comprehensive one-stop solution provider with roles of Consultant & Supplier to our customers over the years.

Company Profile

Primarily for business-to-business retailing, our company offers an extensive range of products such as glass door hardware, glass fittings & accessories, movable glass partition systems and semi-auto door systems catering to each and every door control needs.


Our exquisitely designed hardware sample pieces and movable glass system mock-ups are also displayed in the showroom for our customer’s viewing. Striving to stay ahead of the competition, Estron Marketing Pte Ltd constantly expands & improves our range of product inventories.


With a stringent quality control system and a well-trained team of customer service representatives, we aim to provide value-add services and improve cost efficiency to ensure that customers get only the best deals from us!