Estron Hydraulic Patch Closer HP-870 is used as an alternative of floor spring without the need to drill hole on the ground for elegant, compact design and cost saving purposes. But there are some conditions that HP-870 is not advised to be used in.

Conditions as follows:

  1. It is use in commercial or public area main entrance where the use of frequency is high, as its cyclic endurance cannot be compared with floor spring (which the later is a very mature product in the market).
  2. Glass door with Electric-Magnetic (EM) Lock or stopper, will produce loud excessive noise when the door is closing.
  3. For security purpose. The HP-870 spindle placed inside the floor insert is short and when not installed properly causing any gap larger than the common gap (5mm~7mm) installed on the top pivot, the glass panel or overhead glass panel will likely “pull” out HP-870 patch closer.
  4. Heavy wind that cause the glass door to move front and back.

As there are some limitations compare with Floor spring. It is not advised to use HP-870 in above conditions. 

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